Material recycling

Full range of recycling services

Aircrafts are built for decades of reliable service, thus dismantling and breaking up decommissioned aircrafts require a professional approach.

Aircrafts are full of hazardous products and assemblies: batteries, hydraulic fluids under pressure, oil, fuel, lights with mercury in them, radioactive emergency light strips, fire extinguishers filled with CFC’s, tyres, pressurised units, and so on. In short, an aircraft put out of service is an environmental liability.

Our service comprises the following:


Removal of parts with remaining life to be used on other aircrafts

Servicing, storing and managing material after removal
Handling, packing, exporting and sales assistance of harvested material
Hazardous material management (removal, storage and disposal) in accordance with local and international environmental legislation
Being the only African company following AFRA recommendations providing the full range of professional end of life services, Nevergreen cooperates with AFRA accredited recycling specialist Universal Recycling Company for appropriate recycling of the incidental waste material.