AMO History

About us

Starting in 2008 based at Upington International Airport in the Western Cape, Nevergreen Aircraft Industries (AMO 1165) established as a professional provider of aircraft short & long term storage, disassembly, dismantling and recycling services.

The Kalahari Semi desert climate provides very low humidity conditions, almost ideal conditions for corrosion-free aircraft storage.

It is this unique environment that inspired the company’s name: Nevergreen.


Parts in a commercial plane


In 2008, Nevergreen was awarded by Alitalia with a project aiming the phase out of their entire MD-80 fleet, which was completed in 2015.

Alitalia MD-80 fleet, which reached its end-of-life for operation in Europe, was transferred to South Africa and stored at Nevergreen facility at Upington Airport. During storage all aircrafts were maintained according to AMM recommendations receiving appropriate storage maintenance until after finishing a complete inspection of the fleet, serving as the basis of decision-making for further action.

Some aircrafts with remaining service life were sold to African operators. Though, the majority were carefully stripped and the parts obtained were sold, adding value for the client. After demolition the waste material was professionally separated and recycled. All recycled material was handled in consideration of environmental requirements and legislation.

In 2015, Nevergreen moved its base of operation to O.R.Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Being considered as one of the most frequented aviation hubs on the African continent, ORTIA was the ideal environment to further grow our maintenance capabilities for the benefit of our clients. In alliance with the associated parts trading company Aircraft Instrument & Electronics, Nevergreen is the ideal partner for aircraft maintenance, disassembly, demolition, recycling, component management and long-term aircraft storage.

In 2019, Nevergreen started to partner with the local company Aircrafttag, that’s manufacturing laser-engraved key and ID tags originating from the skin of retired aircrafts, preserving aviation history as timeless pocket-sized gems.