Aircraft storage

Long-term storage solutions

The Upington Branch of Nevergreen Aircraft Industries specializes in the long-term storage of aircraft.

At this facility, no major aircraft checks or modifications are being done, which means the engineers are focused purely on the care and storage of assets entrusted into our care.

Being purely storage orientated ensures the security and traceability of all the equipment. When your aircraft is stored with Nevergreen it will be in the same condition as it first was when it arrived, no matter what storage option you have chosen.

Here are a few reasons to choose us for your long-term storage needs:


Upington is located in the driest region of South Africa with an average temperature of 20.4°C and 68,8°F


Minimal dust, conducive for storage of aircraft


Dedicated storage facility which can accommodate any type and size of aircraft


Our services include storage and storage related maintenance


All operations are conducted in compliance with the AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual) and fully comply with SACAA


Solid infrastructure by road, train and plane

We have 35 years collective experience, hence we believe that storage must always be kept separate from maintenance in terms of facilities.

Nevergreen Aircraft Industries is regulated by the SACAA, which is recognised throughout the world as a leading authority on African aviation.